Here are links to free articles I have written, based on my experiences helping investors develop and execute the best investing plans.  

How to Create & Execute a Purposeful Real Estate Investment Plan

Purposeful Real Estate Investment Planning in Action:  The Bobbi & Tom Case Study

Financing Options Play a Key Role in Purposeful Real Estate Investment Planning


8 Responses to “Purposeful Planning Articles”

  1. reiskills Says:

    As an active REI and REI coach, I love the careful thinking of the Purposeful Planning Articles.

    Do you get involved with Roth Self-Directed IRAs or Roth IRA-LLCs (check book control IRAs)?

    Thanks very much,

    Brian Gibbons

  2. Jeff Brown Says:

    Brian – The short answer is yes, I’ve encouraged investors to convert their retirement plans to Self-Directed. But that said, I’ve now come to the strong conviction that ultimately IRAs and 401Ks are not the way to go for retirement.

    I’ve found ways that far exceed the return of these vehicles, and the retirement income result is tax free, not taxable. It’s just better all around not to use IRAs/401Ks period.

    But that’s another post. 🙂

  3. […] Purposeful Planning Articles […]

  4. Cher Says:

    Jeff, In your post to Brian, are you talking about what we are doing? If so, we just completely the first year funding of the product.
    I’m also starting to tell people that IRA MAY not be the way to go. IMHO, IRA’s are a way for the government to suck us into making a pile of dough and then wacking us on the backend when we want to take it out at retirement.

  5. Jeff Brown Says:

    True – but a full explanation will be coming in the next week or two. You are right on though when you speak of IRA’s or 401K’s. They are not what the public perceives, and in fact are inferior to what I now have my own clients doing as part of their long range Plan.

    Most folks would certainly opt for a life time of tax free income vs a taxable AND smaller income from their so called retirement ‘plans’.

    Stay tuned for my next ‘Financial Planning’ post in a week or so.

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