At Brown & Brown Investment Properties, we help people realize their financial dreams. We put our 36 years of experience into helping people do a better job of acquiring rental property, selecting the right financing, and growing their investments.

Our investors range from first-time buyers to million-dollar property owners. They’re college graduates to high school dropouts. They’re business owners, teachers, electricians, office workers… They all have the will to be objective, adhere to a solid Plan, and do everything on Purpose.

We start by creating a Purposeful Plan. Then everything we do with properties is according to the Plan. It’s not magic. It’s time tested property investment principles.

In the end, all our clients accomplish the same goal. They retire with enough income to live their dream. Or, in my words, they live the life they Purposefully Planned.

Given the same amount of capital, our investors beat the average investor’s growth by 2 or 3 times to 1.

We can be reached at:

Brown & Brown Investment Properties
8885 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 257
San Diego, CA 92108

Tel:  619-298-8100



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