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I am the one the BawldGuy calls the Queen of Blogs. I’m no queen. I’m a blog princess. You know the BawldGuy —  how he likes to talk. He teases me all the time. I’m really the nice one.

I stayed behind to clean this place up a bit. Not that there’s ever going to be a a new tenant. We thought we’d leave it here for the people who might need to read about investments at this end of the Internet.

But the BawlGguy is gone. He’s off to his new digs in the city.

He deserved better, especially since he started hanging out with a tall blond like me.

You see, as a princess, I don’t take on every client that falls off the turnip truck. This bawldguy’s got intelligence; he’s all integrity; and he knows his investments. I like listening to him talk. It doesn’t happen that often that clients dazzle me with their competency and then turn around and talk baseball too.

I wonder whether he can dance?

So we moved him out of this tired old shack that was his temporary home to his city high rise with a view. I think you’ll like it there. I know that we all do.

I know that you’ll want to be where the BawldyGuy is talking. So please accept this invitation to visit the BawldGuy as his new address — www.bawldguy.com —  I didn’t want anyone to get lost on their way there. So I picked one that would be easy to remember.

And if you’d be so kind, as to update your bookmarks and blogroll, you’d make a blog princess very happy too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. See you over there!

He said you were the best. If he said it, I know it has to be true.


The Blog Princess